5th CITC Regional Conference Summary

TGO ร่วมกับ JICA จัดการประชุมสัมมนาระดับภูมิภาค ในระบบออนไลน์ ในหัวข้อ Virtual talks on the climate crisis: Call for collaborative leadership “Build Back Better Together” in Southeast Asia


 On 18 September 2020, Climate Change International Technical and Training Center in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency organized a live talk on the  5thRegional Conference on Virtual talks on the climate crisis Call for collaborative leadership “Build Back Better Together” in Southeast Asia brought together over 61 participants, form 8 counties in South East Asia.

The objective is to update situation and action of climate change affected by the disease pandemic, call for climate actions on economic recovery from brown to green, and to share and learn from the crisis to climate action in the future. In this regard, participants both in Thailand and from the ASEAN region attended this online conference.


Conference overview

 Session 1: Climate disruption: Threat in the next decades

  • Climate change and pandemic are posing the largest 21st century threats.
  • Updating/Re-recognizing/re-discovering the value of climate actions/activities during pandemic period.
  • How crated new normal from COVID-19 affect climate goal.

 Session 2: Recovering for Better:Shift Economies from brown to green.

  • COVID-19 recovery driven by green investment.
  • Transitioning into a better new normal to tackle a climate crisis.

 Session 3: Transformation to capacitybuilding approach: Tools and issues of capacity building to ensure knowledge sharing during the pandemic

  • Transform capacity-building for climate action to ensure knowledge sharing in achieving a green economic recovery post COVID-

 Session 4: Lesson learned from pandemic: Learning from the crisis for preparing climate action in the future

  • What does coronavirus crisis tell us about the climate crisis?
  • Climate emergency is required.
  • Response needed to fight the climate crisis.


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