Renewables to Make Up at Least 48% of Indonesia’s 2021-2030 Electricity Plan

Indonesia aims to increase the proportion of renewable power in its 2021-2030 national electricity plan to at least 48%, from 30% in the 2019-2028 plan. The national electricity supply plan (RUPTL) is a power supply guideline set by the government for a 10-year period, but the plan is regularly revised.

“We want this RUPTL to be greener. Meaning, the renewable portion will be bigger than in the previous RUPTL,” Rida Mulyana, the energy ministry’s director general of electricity, said in a statement. To reach the planned renewable power guideline, Rida said diesel power plants would be converted into renewable plants, while coal-fired power plants will be retired as part of its plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

“However, what is also important is how we meet the energy demand that is believed will increase, while on the other hand reduce the operation of coal plants and then replace them,” he said.





Public Policy and Technical Support Office
Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization)
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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