TGO NEWS – TGO held a press conference on Low Carbon Demonstration Project Implementation for Chiang Mai Municipality

Chiang Mai : Aug 11, 2020, TGO held a weekly press conference to publicize the ‘Low Carbon Demonstration Project Implementation for Chiang Mai Municipality’ at Chiangmai City Hall. The topic focuses on “Improvement of Public Transport system in Chiang Mai Municipality” with an objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least 70,000 tCO2eq. from improvement of public transportation services and reduce traffic congestion. This project aim to promote the transportation mode shift from private vehicles to the public transport. The efficient public transport system will connect Chiang Mai business area, residential area and tourist attractions to facilitate the travel need of citizens,  businessmen and tourists, as well as prepare various developments for the future.

           From the implementation of the project, “Chiang Mai Smart Mobility Alliance Network” is established under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on May 30, 2019. Its objective are to create integrated information service for analyzing to find the improvement channel of efficient transport services, to reduce the use of personal vehicles, to reduce traffic density, and especially to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from personal vehicles, which will lead to the common urban development of all parties.

          In order to disseminate travel information and connecting of the public transportation services in Chiang Mai, the Mobile Application “URBAN TRANSIT” is developed by The Institute of Public Policy, Chiang Mai University for linking various transport service providers under the “Smart Mobility Alliance Network Chiang Mai”. This alliance cooperation is set in response to users whose current behavior are inclining to use mobile application for observing travel information of the public transportation system in Chiang Mai. This Mobile Application “URBAN TRANSIT” provide information of Chiang Mai public transportation service through the Smart Phone, both iOS and Android.

Note: Application is under maintenance and will be available on September 1, 2020

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