Climate Change as an Immediate Priority of the United States of America

As being the world’s second leading carbon emitter, the United States of America rejoined the Paris Agreement on the inauguration day of President Joe Biden. President Joe Biden put Climate as an immediate priority among COVID-19, Racial Equity, Economy, Health Care, Immigration and Restoring America’s Global Standing. He planned to get net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier. President Joe Biden set up his core climate team which includes 7 senior leaders having years of experience with climate policy.

The US climate change policy is not released; however, these are the strong list of executive actions to pursue on climate change for the US domestic agenda as followings:

  • Methane pollution limits for new oil and gas operations
  • The federal government procurement system to drive toward 100 percent clean energy and zero-emissions vehicles
  • Driving innovation for more efficient and climate-ready by using purchasing power and supply chains
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation aimed at ensuring 100 percent of new electrified vehicles
  • Doubling down on the liquid fuels of the future and using advanced biofuels
  • New appliance and building efficiency standards
  • Permitting decision on the effect of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change for the federal infrastructure investment
  • Climate risks and greenhouse gas emissions in the operations and supply chains disclosure by public companies
  • Protecting biodiversity and America’s natural treasures by conserving 30 percent of America’s lands and waters, enhancing reforestation and developing renewables on federal lands and waters

The above executive actions are climate change domestic agenda for the US; however, the US carbon emission is accounted for only 15 percent of humanity’s current emissions output. Therefore, in order to create a bright future, the reduction of carbon emissions and shift to clean energy are not the mission for only the world leading countries but also require the participation of other countries because climate action is the world mission.




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