Satellite Pictures made Methane Emitters Nowhere to hide

As we are already aware that methane is the second most important greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. It effectively absorbs heat from the sun more than carbon dioxide 30 times as much as similar volumes and contributes the warming atmosphere significantly. While carbon dioxide emissions are increasing, there is a new research from scientist mentioned that we have failed to take into account the rapid rise in methane which is faster that it can be stored by natural sink.

Therefore, nowadays, both the governments, public and private sectors in many countries have developed satellite technology to track methane more accurately. Using this high-tech satellite-imaging, we can find emission sources on this planet.

GHGSat, Canada-based company is the first satellite that can detect greenhouse gas emission from industrial facilities, which combines data from two small methane-detecting spacecraft with collaboration from the EU and European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5P. GHGSat has already established the website for public people to interactive monitor methane emission in real time at, which will be updated weekly.

Satellite-imaging is a good tool on helping us to apply and analyze information to achieve targeted action and operation for reducing methane emission. Besides, government agencies can also use information to make decisions and develop a new policy on greenhouse gas reduction and energy in the future.




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